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The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

The Legend of Nuda: Infinite Paths – Nintendo Switch-Version erscheint im Frühling in Japan – ntower

Since last summer We know The Myth of Nayuda: Infinite Paths The other three The Legend of Heroes games will be brought to the West by NIS America. When we look for localization Action-RPG-Spin-Offs Be patient until 2023, this game is already in Japan. The original appeared as the Nooda no Kiseki for the PlayStation Portable in 2012, then it was re-released in June 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and in December 2021 for the PC.

Was good Japan Nintendo has announced that the Switch version will be im 2022 Spring As Nayuda No Kiseki: At Astra Have to bring out. Despite the new verses, there are no further innovations on the part of the developer studio Nihan Balcom Was contacted. As new features and content for the Western release of the remaster have already been announced – the Japanese versions for the PlayStation 4 and PC have also been updated in the meantime – it cannot be ruled out that the renaming of the Nintendo Switch version will reflect these. changes.

You can find some new pictures of the game in our game gallery. Those who speak Japanese may also be mentioned Official Japanese Website See Nintendo Switch Activation.

Looking forward to many more The Legend of Heroes titles to come?