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The largest working Nintendo console is the largest

Probably the largest switch in the world. Not easy, but so much fun. Image: Nintendo / Michael Big / Getty / Robert Recker

It is best to use the switch on the move. You can play it on a bigger screen by connecting it to a TV. A Nintendo fan now shows you how to mix the two and have twice as much fun – i.e. with a larger portable console.

Probably the biggest switch in the world?

Very exciting and crazy thanks to the fans and imagination of the video game genre. Speed ​​runners and motors, for example, bring more variety and many more challenges to the colorful pixel worlds. But gaming is not just about games. It is known that the community can create great things dedicated to their interest. It could be big wooden cards from Zelda or a play house for kids – in the end everything is enjoyable.

YouTuber Michael Big recently showcased his architectural prowess by creating his own switch console – The largest in the world. He says he loves the original switch and games, but they are easy to lose. Well, his new switch may be a little more efficient, but it’s unique, huge and it works surprisingly well.

Big demonstrates his latest work in a video. Measuring device Thanks to the 4K display which is about 78 x 180 cm and weighs 32 kg – You certainly can’t lose it quickly.

Giant Switch: How does this device work?

Of course, he will show you how his giant switch works. Joy-cons are apparently connected inside and they are one Format from 3D printer Under control. It is wired to the back of the giant controls so that the external buttons can communicate with the interior.

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The biggest thing about the switch is that he has no plans to keep it to himself. At the end of the video, he announces a donation Built for St. Jude Children’s Hospital Is. Kids will probably have a lot of fun with it.

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What do you think about the program and the normal size of the switch? Do you use it as a portable or do you connect it to a TV? Visit us on Facebook and write in the comments.