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PlayStation Plus décembre 2017

The June games will be leaked according to a Spanish site

Free PS Plus games for the month of June 2021 will be leaked, according to sources on the trusted Spanish site. As usual, you should take the information with a grain of salt, but here could be games next month.

Star Wars, Virtual Fighter and Tango?

According to SpanishAreajugons, Who has already seen New colors of dualSense controllers, Here is the list you can have on Wednesday for free PS Plus games this June:

The announcement is true Virtual Fighter5 It may seem very surprising, but not so much if you know that the license speaks eSport Via Special Live on YouTube on May 27th. In addition, some noticed that the title was actually added to the Asian BSN last April.

The rest, we have Star Wars: Forces EA and Function: Tango, A collaborative spy game for PS4 and PS5 was announced last March. However, the site could not confirm whether this is a PS5 exclusive or not.

See you next Wednesday to see if everything is true.

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