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Each year the same sections are not in the c’t manual:
You want to use the stick again from last year. If you insert this, it will appear in Explorer / File Manager No. Ann. If you start the installation program “Desinfect2USB_64Bit.exe”, a window with the text “Remove all USB data carriers except D”.[m] USB stick … “. You might expect an” OK “there, but it’s not, so you click” Accept. “Then a new window will appear with a security question, where you will logically select” Yes “. This again brings up a new window called “Win 32 Disk Imager” where you will find, for example, “H: /software/donfect-202100-amd64.iso”, i.e. under the loaded ISO image “Device”, however .SP No – Select the stick as Windows Drive letter is not available so close / leave all programs with “Exit”, “No”, “Exit” and then start CMD as administrator (press the Windows key and type cmd and select Run “to the right” as administrator, confirm with “Yes”) and then type in the black window:
diskpart (following the input key)
Wait for “DISKPART>” to appear.
Type in list disk (Continue …)
There is a small table. It shows all available data carriers. The second column (###) shows a number, the size column shows the size of the data carrier. Based on the size, search the line with the USB stick so that it is slightly smaller than the USB stick. It could be something like this, for example

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Disk 2 Online 14GB 9GB

Now you select the data carrier; In this case
Select Disk 2
This leads to the message “Disk 2 is now the selected disk”. With
List disk
Data carrier 2 is now preceded by a “*” (asterisk). Whatever you do now, he does it with this data carrier, so check it out, otherwise you will irreversibly delete the data on another “hard disk”. Now with the command
Delete shared data. A success message will appear
First exit the disk and then close the CMD window.

As you take a deep breath, you may hear “Palm Palm” from Windows several times and now you can see that the drive letter has got to the USB stick in Explorer.

Now start “Desinfect2USB_64Bit.exe” again in the image, you can see not only the image in the imager, but finally the drive letter in the “Drive” window. If everything is OK, click “Write” and wait a moment. After the success message, you will be asked if you want to restart. You need to do it sooner or later. Select “No”, close all Windows programs, press the Windows key as described on page 20, henceforth hold down the Shift key (whatever), select IO, “Restart” and release the Shift key first. When the selection page comes up select “Option”. Then select “Use Device”. A new page will appear in which you will find “EFI Transcend USB Device” or something similar to the manufacturer’s name of the USB stick. If necessary, an “EFI USB device” may also work; It depends on the bit BIOS.
If you selected it now, the system should boot from the USB stick and a black window with white text will appear. The first reverse line is not a title, but the choice to replace the USB stick, you must make by pressing the Enter key.
The USB stick will reboot and the Orange Desktop Desktop 2021 will appear after many funny texts. Unfortunately there is a program on the desktop with a folder icon (I do not have a second PC) à La “Update virus signatures”, which you can hopefully double-click to get started. You can see the progress of updates in a window and in the upper right corner of the desktop (approximately 10 minutes). Finally, you can exit Linux by clicking the red button on the bottom left of the desktop and removing the PC switched off stick and saving it …
After switching on the computer, it will restart normally from Windows.

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