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The Japanese studio was accused of destroying the history of video games

The Japanese studio was accused of destroying the history of video games

Nintendo Is one of the most Large companies From Video game, Is almost at its beginning and it will surely survive us. It gives him real importance in the world, and more Some decisions are not implemented by various associations Security for Virtual tradition. This recent example is one of the most obvious and well-reflected Difficulty in preserving video game heritage.

The historical foundation of the Nintendo vs video game

Usually, when we talk to you NintendoIts Let me tell you about one of their latest games, Nintendo Direct It accurately announces the release of the company’s new products, otherwise it’s much less pleasant: All legal decisions related to business. Nintendo is known to be very unstable in some respects, Including creating phonecams or using videos and music related to its propertyEvidence in this case, whereThe Japanese company has sent more than 1,300 complaints to its YouTube channel Regarding copyright issues.

On the contrary, The reason why the Video Game History Foundation recently took to social media is different. The association aims to preserve video game heritage by allowing it to be material or non-material Free access to video game archives. In France, It may remind you of the plan Abandoned charactersIt continues to broadcast older games that can be accessed on a computer without a home emulator and DRM. Nintendo’s decision to close Eshop is the message that brought this system to the forefront Virtual Store- Its 3DS and Wii U consoles. Here is the report of the association:

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Our report on the closure of Nintendo’s traditional digital stores.

February 17, 2022

While it is unfortunate that people can no longer buy digital games on 3DS and Wii U, we understand the business reality behind this decision. We do not understand what Nintendo expects from its fans if they want to play these games in the future. As a paid member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo is actively funding a campaign to prevent libraries from granting legal access to these games. It is understandable that business access will not be granted, but on top of that blocking corporate work to protect these topics will seriously destroy gaming history. We encourage ESA members such as Nintendo to reconsider their position on this issue and work with existing companies to resolve it.

Hard to defend?

As explained, VGHF does not regret closing these online storesThat is true Nintendo has yet to announce an alternative to retaining 2000 or more games that can be purchased on these sites.. These are real treasures that are in danger of disappearing forever because they are only available online and if you do not have them on your devices, you can no longer find them. Also, if you are a fan of the license Pokemon, To save your collections, we urge you to hurry to download Pokémon Bank on your device And can change everything via your Nintendo switch or via Pokemon Co..

It is common practice to close these online stores when you are a company of this size. Keeping an online site active has significant costs both economically and environmentally, Larger servers require services. But more serious: VGHF also points out that he is an active and influential member of the Nintendo Entertainment Software Association.. The U.S. Constitution, which is responsible for protecting video game companies, acts as a watchdog for copyright compliance Classification of different games (PEGI) But control of relevant content on the Internet and For the business and general needs of companies that make video games in general. Hence the organization fighting against the free distribution of video game tradition.