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The iPod Pro 2021 offers a power presence for developers and users

The iPod Pro 2021 offers a power presence for developers and users

Matthew Bansarino spoke with two Apple SVPs On behalf of Tech Crunch. With Greg Joswiak in charge of marketing and John Ternes as head of equipment, the journalist asked some questions about the new iPod Pro, its Apple M1 chip extracted directly from the Apple Silicon Max and its 12.9-inch screen with its tunes. Issued by Pro Display XDR.

L’iPad Pro et son Magic Keyboard (pictured Apple).

Both Apple executives were able to express themselves about the breathtaking power of this new iPad Pro, thanks to the Apple M1 chip, with similar features to the Mac. Why provide such power on a tablet? To accommodate the same maneuver for developers and users, Greg Joswiak responds: “ By pushing boundaries, it created a space where developers could come and fill. .

The first iPod Pro was created in the absence of the iOS version of Photoshop. If that is the case today, with dozens and dozens of creative applications of the same capability, developers have used it as Apple has brought extra power to every generation. Application makers can rely on this power reserve and a great user platform to invest in the platform. These users will also increase its interest in a product that will last over time, in addition to new applications.

For this reason Apple has chosen to take the Apple M1 from the Mac and use it identically on the iPod Pro. ” It’s the same component, it’s always better on Apple Silicon than the M1 and iPod Pro. John Ternes insists. The Cindle includes the same characteristics as the Thunderbolt – which is less commonly used by the iPod – or a RAM log size, Up to 16GB on the iPod Pro with 1 or 2 TB of storage.

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Apple M1 on the iPod Pro, above its two RAM modules (main screen shot).

This is the same logic for the larger iPod Pro’s mini LED screen. Apple encouraged Apple to create a 12.9-inch “Liquid Retina XDR” panel for its Pro Display XDR. ” We always tried to get the best screen. », Notes John Ternes, but this addition also responds to the request of some experts. Just like the 32-inch screen sold to professionals, the quality of the panel that integrates the new tablet will also become a reference screen for filmmakers or photographers.

Cupertino offers a full range, designed so that a large screen does not move and a tablet is easy to carry and carry, with panels having similar properties in both cases. ” You don’t even have to be in the studio anymore, you can take it with you and have the same glasses, so we think this would be great for professional creators. “Gliss John Pinch.

This expansion of resources is not at the expense of autonomy according to the two SVPs, which refers to the work that Apple has done specifically on the consumption of the mini LED panel. There is no question of compromising at this point and the Apple M1 chip has already proven itself in terms of performance. Apple will have to wait for tests in real conditions to confirm the speech.

The interview continues “Centralized frame” function (Middle stage In the original version), which combines a wide-angle front camera and software to focus the user’s view. According to Matthew Bansarino, who was able to test this, it is a very effective function and the management of the frame and zooms is very fluid. The two Apple executives are not going to say the opposite, but rather they express the well-known melody of the combination of hardware and software, and the talent of the engineers and developers who worked on the innovation.

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Clever, the journalist tries a question about the strange location of the front camera, above when you put the tablet in imagery mode so you are on the side when you put it in landscape mode, which is very common now. Was this function a way of compensating? John Turns responds without answering: ” Well, you can use the iPod in any way, right? This will give you a different experience depending on how you use it. He says the function was created with video conferencing meetings in mind and the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs for two minutes without going out of the box.

Presentation (core capture) of the iPod Pro’s centralized frame function.

How to trigger iPad without talking Mac? The comparison is not new, but the tablet has never been closer to the Apple-designed computer, both of which have been upgraded to the Apple M1. Here it is ” Favorite question Written by G Greg Joswiak, it reminds us that there is no doubt about turning a deck and merging two platforms. At one point he already said Previous interview givenFreedom, With the same arguments.

In short, Apple is not working to integrate its operating systems or products, the company wants to provide the best Mac And The best iPad ever. And by the way, ” Most of our customers with Macs also have iPods. That’s wonderful. Modifying their Mac is not something they have, but because they want to use the right tool at the right time. »

John Ternes also wanted to point out that Apple did not anticipate the innovations of the MacOS or vice versa. Each system is created independently depending on what is best for each site. Hopefully this year the iPad will be even more spoiled, there is hardware to enrich the software in any case.

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