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The internal CDU meeting is public: and Twitter brings less transparency - politics

The internal CDU meeting is public: and Twitter brings less transparency – politics

Do you always want to attend closed meetings of the parties? Do you enjoy live discussions with powerful people behind the scenes? Now is your chance!

You can now see in great detail on Twitter what is going on inside the CDU’s internal meetings. However, this is not bad for the image of the party, which cannot even accept a consistent approach to dealing with the press – which paradoxically leads to less transparency in politics.

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the CDU Board met digitally to discuss the candidacy for president. Every minute detail from technical breakdowns to funny hacking was tweeted directly by journalists.

Last week, CDU / CSU parliamentary group chairman Ralph Brinkhaus called MPs who leaked information from internal meetings “comrades pigs” – which immediately went viral on Twitter, ending Brinkhaus’ outrage on Twitter. A ridiculous scene that shows everything, but not the seriousness.

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Once this week the Wild Greens proved they could do this very differently, and Anelina Bairbach was decently tight until she became known as a candidate.

If all the details are done somehow, the CDU will have to hold its meetings in public right now, it will be consistent and politicians will no longer be able to choose their distribution channels. Brief statements will also be avoided, which means that Daniel Gunther, the Shellswick-Holstein minister-in-chief, is on a basic “soda.”

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Performance for the grassroots instead of arguments

He did it, but followed the wording that the Board must adhere to its pro-Lacet position. Of the numerous blogs, this second message came much later.

So far, the CDU has rarely supported much transparency. The union has always blocked movements of Greens and leftists from making public the meetings of the Bundestag. Direct ticking from internal meetings leads the opposite anyway: the most important conversations always turn into small, exclusive circles, to the famous “back rooms”.

More secrecy, on the other hand, will lead to more honesty. Many studies show that people behave differently when they know they are being watched. Politicians: Inside anyway.

If every report of a secret meeting is leaked, they are more likely to act on a platform that continues to read rather than express their true opinion and discuss the matter – this is understandable, but it affects the democratic exchange in the long run.