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The Hubble telescope was shut down for several weeks

The Hubble telescope was shut down for several weeks

Hubble is no longer responding! The space telescope, which scans the universe for three weeks and more than thirty years, has computer problems. Hubble’s on-board computer, which allows him to pilot his equipment, no longer responds to instructions sent by NASA technicians who monitor the telescope from the ground.

Shooting stars, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin planes, end of mission at ISS … what’s going on in space this summer?

Adjusting this type is not easy on an object that turns overhead at an altitude of 600 km. After the first failure, NASA did not despair of regaining control, with new tests scheduled for the week.

Celebrating its 31st year of service, Hubble is an iconic tool that has revolutionized our view of the universe. “There are two sides, science is definitely more important, Astronomy and Astrophysics underscores Eric Lagadek, President of the French Society. It is possible Including measuring the age of the universe or measuring the expansion of the universe. “

The second feature corresponds to majestic photographs of space taken by the telescope, the astronomer explains: “The iconic side of this telescope created truly iconic images. There is a wonderful picture of the ‘creation of the pillars’, where we see an area where stars form with these colors. “

This famous photo taken by Hubble since 1995 shows a similar event.  This destroys an area located in the Eagle Nebula.  The clich formation is called pillars.  (Hubble and Heritage Team / ISA / Hubble / AFP)

“I remember getting a book 20 years ago with pictures of the Hubble Space Telescope, Says Eric Lagadek, That was one of the things that made me want to do astronomy. ”

A new space telescope, the James Webb, is set to be put into orbit by the end of 2021. Presented as the “big brother” of the Hubble telescope, it allows the distant universe to be viewed with unparalleled accuracy.

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