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Instead of 4.99 euros for free: The free app brings the long-awaited functionality to the iPhone

Instead of 4.99 euros for free: The free app brings the long-awaited functionality to the iPhone

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The “Amazing Timer” app, which costs 4.99 euros, is available for free on the App Store today. We will clarify that the download of the photo app is useful.

The pro version of the “Amazing Timer” app is currently available for free on the App Store. (Source: Antonio Guylemf /

  • The iPhone application “Amazing Timer” is currently offered in the App Store. You can activate the lifetime license for free and save 4.99 euros.
  • The application allows you to create more than one timer, and they remind you of different things.
  • No advertising or other in-app purchases.

You are constantly saving money in the App Store because so many developers actually offer it here Paid apps and mobile games are temporarily free In. Sometimes free apps include real pearls that make life easier – for example today July 7th.

Um App Store Free for 4.99 euros instead*


The “Amazing Timer” app is currently being offered, or purchased in-app for a lifetime license. It usually costs 4.99 euros. The Amazing Timer Apple is reviewing a practical functionality on the iPhone and iPod that is not yet integrated, i.e. creating multiple timers.

You can do that with the iOS app. For example, it creates a timer for pizza in the oven and another for the washing machine. The timers run in parallel and remind you when the time is up.

This is where you open the pro version

To activate the license, open the app and tap the gear icon at the top right of the display. You choose the upgrade to the Pro version above, which will be displayed with 0 euros.

The Amazing Timer offers a simple interface and easy operation. Although the application is currently only available in English, it should be self-explanatory and workable without knowledge of a foreign language.

That’s why the download is worth it

If you miss the function that can create more than one timer on your iPhone or iPod, you should look at the Amazing Timer. The program is pleasantly simple and very easy to use. No ads or other in-app purchases.


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IOS apps are currently available for free

IOS apps are currently available for free

For the app, you need to have at least iOS 14 installed on your Apple device. Unfortunately, older devices are only partially supported. It is unknown how long the free promotion will last. If you are interested, you should catch it quickly.

If you get the Pro version now for free, you can always open it for free, even if the promotion expires.

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