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Want to insert ad in electronic arts console games, denial comes -

Want to insert ad in electronic arts console games, denial comes –

Recently, reports have surfaced Electronic Arts – FIFA Manufacturing Company, Battlefield … – Signs agreement with TV advertising agency Simulmedia, which will allow Player One to connect Game Advertising In console and PC games like what happens in mobile games. This caused some dissatisfaction among the public, but now E.A. The reports are incorrect.

Electronic Arts He told PCCamer, “In response to the misinformation that we are looking for a way to introduce TV-style ads in our games, we would like to make it clear that game ads for console games are not something we like. We have no agreement to implement them. Creating a better player experience is our priority.”

This report, as mentioned, comes in response to reports from Dave Madden following Gaming’s EVP and OTT reports. Simulmedia, Told Axis that the company has entered into an agreement with Electronic Arts (and other companies) associated with the PlayerVon operating system. The deal between the two companies is likely, but for now EA has no plans to insert an advertising system for console games.

Finally, keep in mind that Electronic Arts has asked GOG to remove some classic titles from the list.

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