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The Hubble Space Telescope with backup hardware is back in operation

The Hubble Space Telescope with backup hardware is back in operation

The Hubble Space Telescope can now resume work after a gap of several weeks due to a malfunction. NASA has succeeded in reactivating all the scientific instruments on board. This is possible by implementing backup hardware. This will allow the telescope to restart the tracking area.

The telescope’s payload system was shut down on June 13, and NASA is searching for its cause and its cause. The main computer – responsible for integrating scientific tools – did not receive any signs of life from the payload system and then switched the tools to security mode. Restarting the system did not resolve the issue.

After several attempts to diagnose the problem and restart the system, a faulty memory module first came into view. However, it was revealed that the reason for shutting down the payload system was in the electrical control unit (PCU). Unable to reset the PCU from the control center on Earth, NASA officials finally switched to backup hardware, Describes the system. Such a change had already taken place in 2008.

The instruments need to be calibrated first, and then Hubble can do the scientific work again. NASA wants to launch this on Saturday afternoon. NASA now wants to make observations that have missed space since the failure.

At the space agency, the telescope, which has been in operation for 31 years, still sounds exciting, and this is the end of an unexpected service: NASA has released the good news that Hubble can continue its mission A picture on his Instagram channel, Previously captured by Hubble from a global cluster 35,000 light-years from Earth.

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