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The House of Papers has lost Alvaro Morde permanently

The House of Papers has lost Alvaro Morde permanently

Last May, Netflix announced that it was the fifth and final season Cash theft It will end in two volumes: the first date will be September 3 and the second date will be December 3. Two episodes each will show the end of the world’s most famous and dangerous gang of robbers.

Alvaro Morde in La Casa de Papal. Photo: (Netflix)

Because so much Cash theft, The entire cast of the series is already focused on new projects. One of them, Alvaro Morde, plays The Professor, who is currently the protagonist of the new series Amazon Prime Video, Sin Lemits, which is a co-production with RTVE.

The story starring Morde tells the story of a first-round world boat trip and coincides with the fifth-century year of the original voyage. In this series, the former star Cash theft He will share the cast with Rodrigo Santoro, and now that his work with Netflix on the Heist series is over, he is already immersed in the filming of this new project.

The first film of Alvaro Morde in his new series.

The first film of Alvaro Morde in his new series.

That’s why, in order to share with his followers the beginnings of this new project that promises to make history, he posted a photo on his Instagram. What surprises more than one, however, is the radical change that this historical figure must make in the way that he will lead this group of sailors.

« Elkano’s crew cut to eat The actor said with a postcard on Instagram in which he is seen with a longer beard and longer hair than the professor’s signature character. In a white coat and a serious face, the actor went viral on social networks.

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