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The guerrillas donate the statue of Thunder

The guerrillas donate the statue of Thunder

They passed exactly Four years From the publication Harrison Zero Dawn, One of Sony’s most acclaimed and highly successful original intellectual properties that delighted lovers of open world action RPGs on the PlayStation 4, has been on the PC since August last year.

To celebrate the event, guys from Gorilla Games took to Twitter and featured fans of the science fiction epic starring Aloy. Thunderza is a collectible statue (Swallow the thunder In Italian), Zero Tone is one of the most dangerous machines to expand the open world dimension, and is also seen in an updated form Harrison Forbidden West.

Those who want to take part in this good endeavor should follow the Gorilla Twitter channel and respond to the Dutch editors’ post with the message you tell the community “Which method do you like to beat Thunder in the game?”. The deadline for publishing your message is set at 16:00 Italian time March 3 Wednesday.

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