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The graphics are "real" and use the dual sense of PS5 -

The graphics are “real” and use the dual sense of PS5 –

In a recent interview with OPM, the official PlayStation UK magazine, Glenn Schofield, the boss of Striking Distance, came back to talk about his new game: Callisto protocol. Many years after creating Call of Duty, Schofield once again created a horror game. Callisto protocol, in fact, seems to resume the style and cutting of his dead place, but it will do so by one “Looks real” graphics. Also, the studio wants to use all the guaranteed innovations PS5 DualSense controller To give players all possible emotions.

The team will have time to think and implement all of these findings: in fact, the Callisto protocol is planned for 2022. This Horror, Although difficult to imagine, it shares the story universe with PUBG. The rest, however, were acquired in 2008 by Glenn Schofield E.A. Seems to be inspired by Ted Space who worked at the time.

However, in those days, there was no such side PlayStation 5 DualSense. The studio wants to use all its inventions within The Callisto protocol: “We will see how to insert them. But I think I can get two fears using the controller. This will give us two options to help us create the next generation survival horror game“.

The other thing to contribute Graphics: “What are we building now?“Glenn Schofield continued in his interview with OPM.”It feels real. And, you know, games have always felt real, but now they are more. There are so many details, we can enter that it is crazy.

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Callisto protocol will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.