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Yoga - Now available via steam to PC

Yoga – Now available via steam to PC

Independent game publisher Versus Evil announced today in conjunction with Fred Crumps Interactive that the dark fun action RPG Yaga is now available via Steam for PC. To celebrate this special moment, version 1.2, the “Spirits for Spirits” update has been released, which integrates a new page work and game enhancements.

Yaga’s dark and funny story and roll-flaming features tell the story of Ivan, an armed black man with incredibly bad luck, who has to complete an impossible task given to him by Jar. At all times, the mysterious witch Baba Yaga notices Ivan’s fate as he fights through dangerous monsters and myths, all of which are inspired by Slavic folk music.

Players can overcome this vicious underworld full of monsters and atrocities with a variety of weapons created by Yaga’s elaborate craft system. There are lightning hammers, pitchforks and other deadly melee weapons to choose from. Players can use a combination of amulets, magic items, blessings, bonuses and curses that fundamentally change the way Elise plays.

The consequences of Ivan’s actions and the decisions players make for him will affect his position and the various improvements available to him. It provides different results and experiences depending on how the players are playing.

Today is a proud moment for the Versus Evil team as we help developer Fred Crumbs Interactive bring Yaga to both Apple Arcade and Epic Store Exclusive, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and now Steam. It’s exciting and fun to work with indie topics like Yaga that bring saga, story and game to all these sites. We congratulate the Breadcrumbs team on this latest achievement and we are delighted to bring Yaga to more RPG fans through our amazing partners on Steam. “

Of aesthetics Yaga Russian fairy tales are strongly influenced by descriptions of books, traditional costumes and rural art from Eastern Europe, so Slavic influence is the perfect setting for this dark and funny story with dark characters.

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Yaga Also available from Epic Game Store, good old games, humble store and other PC retailers. Yaga Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Steam page of the game can be found here: