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Acropolis, School in Chaos, Mayor Download S.

Acropolis, School in Chaos, Mayor Download S.

If the mayor of the Acropolis takes everything into his own hands in the administrative situation and now removes the skills of councilors and municipal councilors in the school, he is trying to put everything to death on school leaders (former principals). It appeared in his mind to reopen schools at this particular moment of danger, difficulty and fear, opening up exaggerated shortcomings in the relationship with school leaders and not wanting to reopen them.

Teachers and many mothers are of the same opinion. This time the mayor, we do not know what logic he bowed to, but what he did was an irresponsible gesture, which embarrassed the local school world, and which could be reflected in civil society with serious dangers. Of course school leaders will not be shut down, there will be no powers, but they are completely different with the mayor. Teachers are afraid to expose themselves, so individuals who do not want to work should not be blamed, which is a similar problem for many parents. A large percentage of people do not send their children to class, they have learned a lot with DAT, are calm, and are safe. According to the same parents, teachers, along with DAT, have done a great job of keeping children, while others argue that children should go to school, but a small percentage oppose the entry of others into school because of fear of repression and rejection.

The mayor’s arrangement has created incredible confusion, making it clear that as mayor he has no situation at hand, he could not read the moment or understand what his people wanted. He took an action against the public perception that he could easily be postponed, he created a dangerous compulsion, embarrassed the whole school assembly, never gave much trouble at this moment, he gave little encouraging signals and clarified that he did not know the situation across the country. Yet he is a mayor he works for, and he did not stop for a moment, creating a burning earth around him as he expelled the city council and part of the city council. If it is a qualification or defect it will tell the story and people will touch very little until there are results in the building, it is a mistake. The school is at the center of public debate at a national level today because it is one of the main sources of infection, as scientists at all levels claim. So the mayor put the entire population in danger and the schools in chaos. Hope he gets corrected soon, maybe soon. Sergio Vesiccio

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