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The government takes responsibility, Meloni distorts the green pass - in tempo

The government takes responsibility, Meloni distorts the green pass – in tempo

Sections opposing Green Pass checks “Absolutely right, the government places its responsibilities on those who have no way or power to act as a regulator. It’s a meaningless law that compromises the tourism season. Georgia Maloney Courier to Della Chera.

“I oppose the use of the Green Pass to access social life because I remember that this method is only practiced in France for citizens. FDI’s, among other things, speaks of Ius soli:” There is no room for negotiation about this meaningless project “.

Maloney hides the government: You want the vaccine duty but you don’t have the courage to impose it

Meloni He also addresses the issue of center-right unity: “I said that too Berlusconi: I would like to understand if their horizon is the same as mine: to unite to rule together in the future, excluding the current assumptions of the majority of the rainbow. I ask for clarity for the future. We need facts. There are some incomprehensible closures towards FDI. Never from us. “

In Kurinal, the head of the FdI explains: “I see no reason for a second order Mattarella, He himself correctly excluded. Napolitano This is unique, and I think it would not be practical to re-elect the same president. Drake He will have a positive feeling that he will go to the polls, but for this reason I do not see him working in Kurinale, and I do not even think that college is his goal. “Finally, the case துரிகன்: “Beyond the merit of naming the park for this or that personality, I will not touch on two names, such as Falcon and Porcelino. It seems to me that we have the most important things to say about movements or resignations.

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