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The government always downloads the Govt-19 infection theme in the same categories

The government always downloads the Govt-19 infection theme in the same categories

Georgia Meloni is confident about her choice with the Italian brothers: Opposition to the Drake government. The Romanian deputy, who was interviewed in the Quarta Republic on Red 4, spoke about the decision he had made with his party and why he did not see a suspension with the Conte deau government. “After saying that”aperturista“To Tracy and the newly born National Unity Administrator, Meloni has declared that he believes it.”The government is doing better“e”If he does, he will get our votes without asking for anything in return“But hope is very low:”I am not optimistic about the choice of the government committee, which betrays an orientation in my opinion – Explained by the President of Fratelli de Italia – It is a Democrat-exaggerated government that continues to fall short of elections, with some ministerial reshuffles suggesting that the government wants to continue on that path.“Above all, Health Minister Roberto Speranza mentions it.”It is not intended to change the pace and management of the Govt“.

Georgia Meloni has clear ideas about reopening Closed activities during these months of epidemics: “Anyone who complies with certain protocols should be allowed to remain open“According to the President of the Italian Brothers.”The government continues to download some forms of goiter outbreaks, which have been determined to be sacrificial“. Meloni pages with entrepreneurs And owners of restaurants, bars, gyms, cinemas: “There is no point in closing gyms for 20-year-olds without worrying about local public transport to prevent congestion on the bus for a 75-year-old man with heart disease to get vaccinated“.

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Fradelli de Italia’s President Mario Draghi, Explains it “A person with a very large curriculum“Ma”In a nutshell, I never trusted anyone in my life“Meloni explained that he had brought his plans to the Prime Minister and that he had shared some issues with him, but not with others. At one point, the Roman deputy had no doubt:”The government must come to the polls for the presidency“Appoint the next head of state and avoid the next name without going to the polls first.”Welcome to PD“It is Mattarella’s intention not to send Italians to the polls.”I did not share it“Meloni explained,”We continue to do a thousand things necessary in the Govt era, and we consider democracy necessary“.