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The giant asteroid will touch Earth in a few days. NASA’s words »

The giant asteroid will touch Earth in a few days. NASA’s words

On March 21, 2021, an asteroid will touch Earth A new celestial body is threatening from space Terra In the next few days. This is exactly one thing Great asteroid It will, according to experts, touch our planet.

But let’s look at its characteristics in detail and understand what happens in particular.

His first observations can be traced back to 23 March 2001, precisely for this reason Jet Propulsion Laboratory Of NASA He called it 2001 F032. Gifts Diameter from 440 to 680 meters, Is one of the largest asteroids identified to date. This is a special observation of the moment for NASA experts Sunday, March 21, 2021 will touch the earth And its main uniqueness
Speed: Circa At 124 thousand kilometers (At the most intense moment of most celestial bodies passing “close” to Earth).

But don’t worry, Says NASA. The great celestial body goes through one Side distance from the earth (About 2 million kilometers) Such as guaranteeing maximum security. This will be an important event not only for all the experts and scientists who constantly follow the flying body, but also for all the astronomy fans in the world.

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