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Photoshop’s new feature removes 108 megapixel sensors

This is not science fiction, it is Adobe’s new AI feature. Thanks to machine learning, you can transform your photos by adding megapixels in the super resolution process.

Adobe enriches its Photoshop software with artificial intelligence using new functions: with a function To change the sky, Some mobile apps allow another, as they have already done Automatically select the subjects of a photo, It also uses filters wisely, and now Adobe ensures that its software quadruples the definition of photos without losing quality.

Super Resolution: Already functional and already enjoyable

Adobe named this new feature Super resolution. It is already running on Camera Raw 13.2 and will soon be available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Super Resolution uses a machine learning model called Mechanical learning In English, it was created by analyzing millions of photos. Simply put, this feature is capable of converting a ten-megapixel photo to a 40-megapixel photo.

Analyzes the surrounding pixels for the computer environment to determine how to model a given pixel. The first results are generally not good, but the more samples are fed, the more pairs of images there are. Changing the size of the photo without losing quality becomes more precise.

When smartphones integrate sensors At 108 megapixels, Whose Xiaomi Mi11, May be an alternative to these types of functions. Apple, for example, uses 12-megapixel sensors. The “small” 12-megapixel sensor can do wonders with this AI function. It also shows the value of taking photos in RAW format, because this format is the only one that can really benefit from the powers of AI.

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Hopeful results

The result is much better, at least from the Adobe display. You only need to press the function in question, and the system will provide the new DNG file with the enhanced photo.

All modifications made to the original DNG are modified DNG. For now, the functionality is only 65,000 pixels long and 500 megapixels. It works with RAW files, but also with JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Like we said, it’s already available in Camera Raw 13.2, and soon it will be available in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.