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The game runs optimized on all platforms

The game runs optimized on all platforms

The Hollow Infinite engine has been rebuilt so that the game runs optimally on all platforms.

As for Hollow Infinite, the developer has recreated the 343 Industries engine so that it can be more efficient when customizing the game. It should run optimally on the respective platforms.

Daniel Gianetti, architect of the Sports Foundation at 343 Industries, told

“Here’s something that excites me as a technical architect: As for Hollow Infinite, instead of running optimally on the Xbox One, we redesigned the machine’s multi-threading solution to ensure greater functional performance on all platforms and PCs. We use this new method to convert Render to a largely parallel multi-threaded architecture to support the high graphics performance of the Series X / S, and Xbox One X / S hardware, which means that we make sure that Hollow Infinite runs optimally on any device you want to play with . “

Recently there were new ones for Hollow Infinite Details about the sandbox and screen shots of some of the weapons.

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