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20210618 GMail Workspace

The G Suite has become a workplace and now a workplace for everyone

For many years now, Google has been offering a specialized business version of Google products called G Suite for companies. G became the suite Google renamed the workplace last year. There were so many new icons, now another invention. The workspace can be used by everyone, GMail already has an addition to its name.

Workplace for everyone

In one Blog entry Since the launch of Gmail in 2004 and Google Docs in 2006, Google has announced that effective and innovative solutions have been developed to help people network and work with each other safely. Last October, Workplace was established as a brand new brand. With the workplace, GMail, chat, calendar, driver and many more tools are all in one place. Originally only for business users, Google Workspace is now available to anyone with a Google Account.

Create family reunions, spreadsheets, chats, videos, pictures, and more and share with others through the workplace.

Everyone can be activated by going to the Google Workspace Enable Google Chat within GMail. Rooms in Google Chat can be used as a hub to connect with other users. A flexible and optimized user interface will be available in the summer (inline title threatening, balance indicator, user-defined status, reactions and folder view). Further, The rooms were renamed as spaces.

A new subscription model will also be launched, workplace individual. This is an easy-to-use solution for small business owners and costs $ 10 per month. The individual will soon start working in six markets, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Germany did not seem to be there at first.

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Workplace logo is already integrated into GMail. Once you open GMail on the web, a workspace character will appear directly under the GMail icon when loading.

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