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The future beast will already be in the pipelines for the 2021 MacBooks

The future beast will already be in the pipelines for the 2021 MacBooks

Apple has already begun mass production of its M2 chip, which will be the most stable SoC M1 of 2020. The first products, including the MacBook Pro, will be fitted with the beast, which is expected in the second half of this year.

Apple MacBook Pro M1

Apple MacBook Pro M1 // Source: Arnad Gellino for Frontroid

Apple is already preparing its M2 chip. After a huge success with its home-designed SoC in an ARM framework, TheApple M1, The company at Apple has begun mass production of its new chip. The information comes to us from the Nikki Asia newspaper, which relies on anonymous sources.

«LThe next generation of Mac processors designed by Apple he entered mass production this month, intellectual sources told Nikki Asia, bringing the US company one step ahead of its goal.», We studied at Nikki Asia. As a reminder, the purpose of the question mentioned here refers to Cupertino’s willingness to replace tools provided by Intel, and this does not satisfy the Apple brand.

See you in the second semester

The first deliveries of the new chip are scheduled for July 2021. This M2 chip – which is the expected name, but not confirmed – will then be integrated into the MacBook, with its marketing year to take place in the second half of the year. This is very logical, it would leave a year difference in release MacBook Pro 13M1 And MacBook Air M1.

In addition to supplier DSMC handling production, Apple has full control over the design of its M1 chip – hence its M2 chip. The effects were quickly felt. Devices that utilize this SoC greatly benefit from increased power and more optimal autonomy and are aided by 5nm of workmanship.

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Benefit of the new MacBook?

According to some rumors, this Apple M2 may benefit from the new design of the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches. In the meantime, when His spring key note, Tim Cook’s teams offered two products based on the M1 chip: TheiMac M1 And thisIPod Pro 2021.

The new MacBook M1 was due to pour a lot of ink by the end of 2020. We had the opportunity to use the MacBook Pro (M1) for over three weeks. Apple’s small MacBook Pro did …
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