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The free action game of the day will delight party game fans

The free action game of the day will delight party game fans

From December 16, the Epic Games Store offers its subscribers a new game every day until the end of the month. Yesterday, curious witches were able to take advantage Witches of Mistrelia, A Dungeon RPG released in 2017. Turn it into sauce, with more fun gameplay in a co-op game today Over-cooked.

Serious moves

Epic Games Miss Sir Fun and collaborative on Tuesday, December 28th Moving out. In Moving out, The goal is to move furniture from a home as quickly as possible. Play collaboratively, up to 4 players at once, the title created by Swedish studio DevM Games and the Australian developer SMG Studio promises good time.

For this, this Party game Relying on his cartoon characters, Due to its incredible circumstances and its various levels (30), it is expected to occupy subscribers by the end of December.

Moving out Epic Games will be available on PC until 5pm tomorrow before announcing its next game on December 28th.

Be careful, think dual identity

As always, picking up a game from the Epic Games Store can be problematic. But no worries, be sure, it is very simple on the side of the dual identity required to return. In fact, here is a step-by-step process to follow:

  • Log in to your account On the Epic Games Store website And go to Settings
  • Click the “Password and Security” tab
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Choose between authentication or email or SMS authentication according to your preferences

As for the next free gameEpic Games Store, To find out its identity, wait until 5pm on December 25th.

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