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Download the brand new wallpapers of MIUI 13 in 4K

Xiaomi today introduced the brand new MIUI 13, which will be the start-up interface for Xiaomi 12 and other devices by the end of January. The new interface brings many improvements such as new widgets, fonts, privacy and wallpapers. You will remember all the super wallpapers of MIUI 12, there is currently nothing live, but only the most beautiful standard wallpapers, and they can all be downloaded in FHD + resolution.

MIUI 13 comes with a new font called MiSans. The font has been improved to be better in both Chinese and English. There is a lot of news on the front of the widgets as well, which makes the whole scenario with Android 12 now set aside by many companies a bit refreshing. Xiaomi introduces new dynamic widgets, including widgets that include mini-games, countdowns, reminders and more.

Now users can create their own avatar with MIUI 13 and Xiao AI. At this time you can choose from up to 50 types of clothes and accessories.


MIUI 13 makes a lot of improvements on the privacy page, including more security functions using facial recognition.

But not only that, now the scan can include not only the face but also the upper part of our body, thus adding more data and improving accuracy.

The Mi Magic Center is also coming, Xiaomi’s response to Huawei’s HarmonyOS super device. That is, the entire corporate environment must be kept under one eye in one place.

There is a MIUI 13 pad designed specifically for tablets.

The new interface brings 43 new wallpapers with the highest resolution. They are divided into five categories: molten glass, crystallization, concert, landscape texture and black coffee. Below you will find a small preview, at the same time you can download your favorite wallpaper package on your device at the link.

Download MIUI 13 Wallpapers

MIUI 13 live wallpapers will be downloaded below once available. Please wait.