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The Football Cup 2021 - February 4 comes to Nintendo Switch

The Football Cup 2021 – February 4 comes to Nintendo Switch

It’s 2021 and your New Year’s resolution is to get out of bed, find your dusty track suit, put on your football boots and try to get back in shape once you score a few goals. Or you can use a sophisticated strategy instead – just stay in bed for a while and score a few goals on your Nintendo Switch first.

About the Football Cup 2021

Make sure the domains of the most popular stadiums are not waiting under your team’s flashing spotlights! Explore individually designed ton levels and fight your way through each stage of the competition. At the end, meet the legends and show them how to do it. Winning all the trophies will become a beacon of football experience. Show other countries that have the best team on the planet, win the Champions Trophy and become a football star!


  • Start your career as a footballer and climb to the top.
  • Start slowly and learn basic game skills in basic game mode.
  • Challenge yourself in the “Daily Challenges” mode that you may be in shape with daily training while climbing the ladder of experience.
  • Get excited for the season. Lead your football team to glory throughout the season.
  • Once you are ready, take part in the competitions. Try to become a football star, beat other teams and make football history.
  • Make the league a start. Win Europe, Copa del Sur or Champions Trophy. Test your football skills and become famous in tournaments around the world!

The Football Cup 2021 was created by Inlogic Sports and released by Level 7 on the Nintendo Switch. The game will hit the console on February 4 this year.

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You can find more information about the game on Nintendo eShop, On top of that Website Publisher and Facebook.