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Essai statique des trois moteurs Raptor du booster 3, étage de test du Super heavy. © SpaceX

The first standard test of the booster prioritizing super heavy

For the first time, SpaceX has performed the standard firing test of a super heavy test phase. Three in number, the Raptor engines ran for a short time within four seconds of the scheduled time. The goals set by engineers have largely been achieved.

Standard testing of three Raptor engines Booster 3 is part of the preparation for the first orbital flight Starship, In its complete configuration, it is SpaceX. This point-to-point flight is scheduled for later this year and includes connecting to the Boca Sica base in TexasArchipelago Hawaii while flying in space.

This test shows that preparations for the super heavy stage are progressing, but there is still work to be done. Even a lot of work. In fact, you should know that this level, in its functional configuration, contains more than 30 raptor engines. This engine runs on oxygen mixture Liquid (LOX) and liquid methane (CH4), Not yet in service. Currently, the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy use Merlin engines.

Called booster 3, this test level can be reused, but it is not certain. It does not want to fly in space or during flight suborbital. It is used only for ground tests, especially the process of filling tanks, managing temperature and Pressure For example. He said that, Elon Musk Marked Twitter The reuse of this phase for a new test depends on the progress of Booster 4. 3 If reusable, nine motors will be installed and tested simultaneously.

Fly the Multi Engine Launcher

To understand the difficulty of flying a starter with multiple engines, it is necessary to know its position from one engine to another. Combustion Never the same, it is very difficult to create a model, so the importance of ground tests and experience gained by aircraft Falcon 9, Has nine engines in its main stage and the Falcon Heavy and 3X9 engines (the main stage of which is the Falcon 9 having three main stages).

The jet of each engine does not mean that these jets operate like separate engines. These jets communicate with each other, and this can cause numerous aerodynamic obstacles, especially lateral controls and therefore interfere with engine mounting. One jet can turn off another engine’s jet plane! Another issue is the orientation of the motors. Having three engines rather than one is obviously not one! With some Debits More importantly, an absorption can occur in the skirt and create a vacuum effect.

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