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The first press releases fell!

Some media outlets have already been able to get their hands on the Switch LED, the latest variant of Nintendo’s main console. Opportunity to find the first records of this new machine.

Credit: Nintendo

While we were waiting for an official announcement Released during the Nintendo Direct E3 2021, Nintendo has been hopelessly quiet. No announcement has been made about this new switch that all rumors have been talking about for months. Finally, Nintendo decided to formalize its existence This July 7, 2021 OLED switch without warning, A simple trailer and the start of an announcement on its official website.

The main novelty of this version of the Big My hybrid console is obvious 7 Balance of OLED panel, Which provides excellent contrasts and natural and vivid colors. The capacity of the internal memory is also doubled, thus increasing 64 Go 32GB instead. In addition, players will be delighted to find that Nintendo is finally fit for grafting Ethernet port In the dock. It was never too late than they say.

Precisely, a few days after its official launch, some media outlets of video game magazines were already able to put their hands on the OLED switch. This is especially true for our colleagues at GameSpot. As the experimenter Alessandro Fillary points out, The OLED switch does not represent a revolution, But rather the best in the worlds between the classic switch and the switch light.

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Magazines offer its first ideas on the OLED switch

Added the possibility of chopping up your console and enjoying it on your TV Very pleasant nomadic experience, Of course thanks to the 7 OLED panel. In addition to providing a better quality image as previously explained, the panel also offers exemplary fluidity Its refresh rate is 60 Hz.

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According to the GameSpot editor, the upgraded speakers deliver as promised Sharper, better sound, When more powerful than the switch. Finally, congratulations to Alessandro Fillary Various small touches Developed in the design of the machine, especially this new kickstand on the back, which is much more flexible and practical than in the past. The SD card reader has been redesigned for easy access.

You will understand, for the press, the switch is OLED so Nintendo needs a console Provides the best nomadic experience. On the other hand, if you are looking for something new about TV mode, you should go your own way or wait for a possible switch break …

Source: Gamespot