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The first intelligent audio from Mars - space and astronomy

The first intelligent audio from Mars – space and astronomy

The ingenuity of flying over Mars can finally be heard: NASA has actually released the audio of the fourth aircraft recorded by the Perseverance rover’s microphone on April 30, making it the first spacecraft to capture sounds while another spacecraft on a voyage to another planet. Despite being 80 meters away, the rover recorded the faint noise of the drone blades, which was isolated by NASA technicians and raised to a level that could distinguish it well from the breath of the air sweeping the Xero abyss. . With this audio we enter a new dimension about the Red Planet, where on Friday (21:26 Italian time) ingenuity will attempt its fifth flight: it will be a one-way journey in 110 seconds, landing on a new platform that will carry it.

According to NASA’s plan, the ingenuity will depart from the airport dedicated to the Wright brothers as on previous flights: it will rise to a height of five meters and head south, taking the same route as the fourth plane last week. It covers a distance of 129 meters, but instead of returning to the starting point like other times, it tries to climb up to 10 meters (a new record) to take color and black and white pictures. After 110 seconds of flight, it will land on a new site to begin a new phase of work, which aims to demonstrate its ability to support other tasks. In this way, the drone will repeat the same steps as the Wright brothers who began to evaluate the practical applications of their technology until the early twentieth century, after some test flights, until they built the first aircraft with a passenger. Demonstrates the feasibility of the study. From an aerial perspective. To know the outcome of the new attempt at ingenuity, it is necessary to wait for the data to arrive on Earth at 1:31 a.m. Saturday, Italian time.

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