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Mass Effect: Legendary Version: Download Bonus Content Now for Free!

Mass Effect: Legendary Version: Download Bonus Content Now for Free!

Mass Effect: Shortly before the release of the Legendary Edition, Bioware has prepared some bonus content for fans, which you can now get for free.

Soup-up Mass Effect: The legendary version for PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be ready from May 14, 2021 – and thanks to some bonus content, you can already get in the mood for the release. Bioware and EA target fans of the science fiction trilogy with this content in a number of ways.

So there it is now A web interface, You can create your own core art in advance. You can choose team members, ethics and special backgrounds to create your own personalized image and share it with friends via social media. A random generator is also available, as well as a choice of different formats including 4K.

In addition, there is an extensive audio recording video that includes 88 tracks, which integrates music from all three parts of the trilogy. There are three special images in the clip, which were created exclusively for the occasion. In addition, the brand new song “Resinthesis” is part of the party. The video below can be found on YouTube.

Last but not least, the final highlight is that some bonus content was previously reserved for the deluxe version of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. You can download it for free now. On top of that Website with relevant download options There are 88 pieces of music from the trilogy, including the new song, two digital art books, two digital comic books and Normandy’s digital lithograph.

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