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Ferrari Testarossa, Officine Fioravanti rievocano il mito

Ferrari Destrosa recalls the official Fioravanti legend – Auto World

If you look at the Olympus of the eighties super cars and focus on what came out of Maranello, your mind immediately goes to the icon. Ferrari Destrosa: Retractable headlights, fuzzy wedge shape and lamellar air intakes reaching the sides and doors from the rear wheel arch. Official Fioravandi has decided to update the famous Cavallino mid-engine sports car. restomod It had the first series of Testosterone, called the “single mirror” because it had a single rear view mirror on the driver’s side front pillar.

The blurred lines of the supercar that resulted from the inspiration of Pininfarina have been left intact by the Swiss company, which did not want to focus as much on design changes as the engine changes during its 14-month work. Fioravanthi Workshops In fact, he worked on the development of the Ferrari Destroza engine: 4.9 with 12 resistive cylinders completely disassembled, and Swiss technicians modified some internal components. No official information has been provided on the performance and power of the new engine, but the 12-cylinder unit can now operate at up to 9,000 rpm, the office’s Fioravanti said. According to Autocar, the new Ferrari Destroza can now touch a top speed of 322 km / h against the original version’s of 290 km / h. If you do the math, Testosterone’s engine should have at least gone up 428 CV. (390 hp original), the same power as the 512 TR that came in the Maranello range after this model. The office’s Fiorvanti restomode was fitted with a titanium exhaust and premo brake system with anti-lock system and traction control.

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The changes then affected the suspensions as well Öhlins Electronic shock absorbers And adjustable anti-roll bars. The use of composite and lighter materials was able to reduce the weight of the Ferrari Destroza by 120 kg, while the racing car is now 1,385 kg empty. The original rims have also been redesigned, but now they have a larger diameter and can be fitted with Michelin tires with a sports mix. Leather and aluminum beautify the interior, and many plastic parts have been replaced, making the interior more modern. The audio system will also be new. There is no information on the official launch date, not even the office fioravanti who explained it. New Ferrari Destroza It will come at the right time. ” We will have to wait to know all the details of this restomodin.

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