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The first class of Monster Rail was released today on the Nintendo Switch Nintendo Connect

The first class of Monster Rail was released today on the Nintendo Switch Nintendo Connect

Good shepherd entertainment And Indie Development Team Shiny shoe Rugged deckbuilding card Potter wins today Monster train first class For Nintendo Switch Published. Monster train first class Available for 29.99 and the full flagship game “The Last Divinity” includes new maps, units and game features added with free updates from the DLC and original release.

Monster Train is a rugged strategic deck building game in which you have to defend yourself against the forces of heaven on three vertical battlefields at once. Carefully select the path, appoint powerful units and upgrade and upgrade your cards and champions. With hundreds of maps that can not be opened, six clans with unique game to be connected and plenty of opportunities to face the challenge, each trip on the Monster Train is unique.

Monster Train First Class Features:

  • Rough card strategy with a twist: Prove your tactical prowess and enjoy a new approach to deck building, with not three battlefields to be defended at once.
  • Choose your challenge: Monster Train offers 25 level difficulties to overcome first class. Face daily challenges with heavily modified game modifications and fight for places on global leaderboards. Create your own unique challenges and share them with friends!
  • Endless restart The two columns are not the same! Unlock new items, choose different routes and platforms and confront constantly changing enemies and bosses. The Lost Divinity DLC has even more content!
  • Create and master unique sites: Connect your sites with multiple upgradeable cards and multiple asura clans with multiple unlockable positions.
  • Cross-game-online-multiplayer: “Hell Rush” mode provides real-time frantic competition for up to eight players, including cross-game between PC, Xbox and Switch. You can also challenge your friends on the sites to play matches you have created yourself.

Monster Rail was released last year, became fast-paced, received many accolades and appeared on several “Best of 2020” lists. The game was nominated for a “Strategy / Simulation Game of the Year” at the 24th Annual DICE Awards. Monster Train Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC can run on Steam, and Microsoft Store. It is also included in the Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

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