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Vaccines and pseudo-green passes capture GDF telegram channels

Vaccines and pseudo-green passes capture GDF telegram channels

Coordinated by Milan Eugenio Pusco’s deputy lawyer and attorneys Bianca Maria Baz Magario and Mora Ribamondi, the investigation was able to identify telegram channels using real-time surveillance of the web and a series of innovative technological tools. .

Vaccines for sale

Telegram channels refer to anonymous accounts at specific intervals in the dark web so that sellers can be contacted and proceed with the purchase. Payments were made in cryptocurrencies, and customers were provided with packages that included anonymous warranty, shipping detection, refrigerated packaging, and certificate of vaccine administration.

I am Green Boss Vaccine identification data, QR code, number that distinguishes the appearance of the first and second dose of the vaccine, were found to be green passes for sale. According to the vendors, the certificates were issued outside the EU and especially in the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland.

More than 60 immunization groups – Meanwhile, there is growing concern for more than 2.5 million citizens over the age of 60 who have not yet received the first administration of the serum. Data released in a weekly government report shows that people between the ages of 60 and 69 are the most “undisclosed”, with nearly 1.5 million people not vaccinated. 780 thousand people in the 70-79 year category have not been baptized yet, dropping to 345 thousand in over 80s.

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