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The fire causes severe damage: the National Assembly of South Africa is completely destroyed - politically

The fire causes severe damage: the National Assembly of South Africa is completely destroyed – politically

Hours of flames engulfed South Africa’s parliament building, completely destroying the assembly room of the National Assembly. “The new National Assembly has been completely destroyed from top to bottom; The reconstruction effort will be huge, ”Ian Schnitler told a news conference in front of a building in Cape Town on Tuesday.

Some potential volcanoes were still seen on the wings, so the ruins could be handed over to investigators later in the afternoon. Other parts of the building were badly damaged by fire, water and smoke. “The roof has collapsed in some areas,” said fire chief Simon Abraham.

The huge fire, which broke out Sunday morning, was first brought under control on Monday, but erupted again in the roof area as fuel by strong winds in the evening. A few hours later, at midnight, the fire was brought under control again. About 20 firefighters are constantly engaged in surveillance work.

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In the tourist metropolis of Cape Town, a 49-year-old man arrested inside a building was brought before a trial magistrate on Tuesday. The man has been charged with theft, theft and arson. He was filmed by surveillance cameras, which were not initially verified for unknown reasons. To save him from the fire.

However, the cause of the fire was not initially known. Technical shortcomings cannot be ruled out even in a three-part building complex. According to initial estimates, the costs of rebuilding the historic building will be enormous. Among other things, the flames destroyed the offices of numerous MPs. The mayor of Cape Town has provided alternative rooms for about 400 MPs in the town hall and convention center.

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Cape Town has been the seat of the South African Parliament for over a century, comprising the National Assembly and the Provincial Council. On the other hand, the government is located in Pretoria, about 1,400 kilometers away. (dpa, AFP)