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The final Fantasy 12 was removed a day later in Japan, what will happen? -

The final Fantasy 12 was removed a day later in Japan, what will happen? –

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Added on Xbox Game Boss Recently, but a day later it was Removed from Japanese list. What is access? According to the official report of the Japanese Game Boss Twitter account, the entry was a mistake, but the situation is certainly strange.

Here is the full version in Italian based on the English translation from Japanese produced by Gaming Route: “Yesterday, Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age was temporarily added to the list of Xbox Game Boss titles, but no such addition in Japan Still under study. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incorrect entry and for reporting incorrect information from our company. ”

So it seems that there is no agreement between Square Enix and Microsoft to release the final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age in Japan. So it appears A regional issue This will have no effect on other markets. However, it is strange that it was inserted and removed immediately after 24 hours. As you can read, there is no definite reason why it was decided to remove the game from the Xbox Game Boss.

Even on Microsoft platforms, RPG is still selling well in Japan, and Square Enix does not want to avoid blocking sales. Unfortunately, we hope we never have a clear explanation. Based on the comments on the Xbox tweet, at least, The Japanese audience seems to be behaving kindly Be quiet at the announcement.

Finally, we point out that the “message” of Final Fantasy 7 is badly translated, the director’s true words here.

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