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The features and design of the future Apple Imax are clear

The features and design of the future Apple Imax are clear

Leaks and rumors about the Imax are slowly revealing what Apple’s new all-in-one computers can offer. They are much taller than the previous generation.

Apple’s new Imax is expected in the next few months, so we know a little more about these machines. Some reliable leaks, however, allow you to learn a little more from week to week. For now, everyone agrees that there will be the latest Apple M1 home chips, however they will undoubtedly be different from what we can find MacBook Air And 13 inch MacBook Pro. We can take processors with many cores (up to 20 according to some reports) faster than the portable versions. The cooling capabilities of all-in-one computers are excellent.

Modern design

In terms of design, the iMac seems to have been revisited. This way you can see flatter screens, thinner borders and a higher aggression rate of the screen than before. Liquor John Fraser published the Imag photo in at least five colors.

Ever had the big screen?

A few days ago, the South Korean leak L0vetodream said on Twitter: “The iMac screen is really big, bigger than the big model”. FYI, for the moment the Imax has a screen diagonal of 21.5 and 27 inches, so Apple was able to move towards 28 or 32 inch models, but the tweet also indicates the appearance of a higher luxury aggression rate. It’s hard to imagine Apple offering only 32-inch screens, which would take up a significant amount of space on a desk.

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We will not miss to let you know about the next components we have at our disposal regarding iMac, while waiting for the official announcements from the US manufacturer that may occur in the coming weeks.