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The fan will find secret places that no one can enter

The fan will find secret places that no one can enter

With Knocklip Mode, players can walk through walls and discover secret locations in Cyberbunk 2077.

Cyberbunk 2077’s open-world action delivers more beneath the surface than it first appeared. A Knocklip mode now allows access to these secret locations.

Cyberbunk 2077: Discover secret places thanks to Mode

In video games, there are often inaccessible or underdeveloped areas that are permanently or temporarily inaccessible to gamers. To visit places like this somehow, is called No-Clip Mode. So it becomes possible Through the walls Go and find the hidden areas.

The user provides insights into some of these areas TheRealMZK on Reddit. According to his own report, he spent half of his playing time searching for such hidden areas in Cyberbunk 2077. For example, there is something to see Perfectly designed flooring And machines that work in V’s spacious apartment. Items can also be looted there.

Lots of blank developer stuff

There are walking mega buildings for everyone Empty interiors. Many NCART stations are intersected by empty bases and empty bombs. He further explains that there are often floors behind closed doors. Usually it refers to planned interiors.

There are carved roads in the Pacifica district. There is a tunnel tunnel behind the walls of the station called Carbo Plaza. Interesting: There is a sound display in some of the areas mentioned. Overall, however, many vertical elements seem to have been removed again by the developers.

Knocklip mode for everyone

Players must first modify to use the option Nexusmods downloaded And stored manually in the game folder. In addition, you need an invitee Engine-changes, You can also download via NexusMots. Both Free.

Cyberbunk 2077 was recently delivered with a current connection that fixes many bugs. However, the developers closed an old hole with a new one as players reported more and more bugs. It remains to be seen how the title will work in the future and when the long-awaited next-gen update for consoles will arrive.