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The fan is making better remake trailers than Nintendo

The fan is making better remake trailers than Nintendo

Pokemon diamond and pearl have never been better.

Nintendo offers the first trailer for a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – but not everyone likes the graphic style. Now a fan shows how the game should be to convince all players with a breathtaking trailer.

What do you know about Pokemon radioactive diamonds and shining pearls?

After the last Nintendo Direct on Pokemon, one thing is clear: fans can not only expect the new Pokemon Snap, its release Morning 30. April Celebrating, But New Pokemon Myths: The Long-awaited Remakes of Arsius and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

The remakes seem to be based on their original content, but with a CB look Many players do not like this. He Very brave And the graphical improvement of the main series may have led to remakes. Games should appear by the end of 2021.

What will the updated Pokemon trailer look like?

The remake’s unique style is obviously tasty – some fans are not bothered by the trivial look, but still many believe it will be There is still a lot to be done before the release. The latter also includes Twitter users Millenniumloops. He now shares a self-made trailer for the game he loves for himself – there is certainly no discussion about the walk with this beautiful trailer. The remakes will convince every viewer:

In His tweet The artist insists that it is a trailer Not a real game Actions. So he didn’t create his own remake, he created this trailer to show his own vision of a “diamond and pearl” remake. Millenniumloops worked on this little masterpiece for a week.

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In the comments of the YouTube video Pokemon fans mourn together, The remakes don’t really look like they did in the fan trailer. The overworked coach Cynthia was particularly impressed with the tough players, but the surroundings were also tough.

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A fan takes remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in their hands – at least for a trailer. Fans are on the moon and want the real games to be the same. How are you? Do you notice the CB style of the remake or are you completely satisfied with it? Feel free to write us your thoughts on this and the fan trailer in the comments on Facebook.