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Chasing Static, the horror inspired by the PlayStation 1’s graphics comes to the Nintendo Switch

Ready to go back in time?

Developer Headwear game And publisher Rathalaika game They announced Chatting static, A new horror game inspired by graphics PlayStation 1. The title was originally planned PC, But it will land in the course of 203 Q3 Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XES, PlayStation 4E Xbox One.

At midnight, a violent storm blows across North Wales. Miles away from any city, Chris Selwood takes refuge in a roadside restaurant. After a while, Chris sees a horrible scene, with intense glowing eyes as he sees the maid mounted on the ceiling. He leaves quickly and wakes up to the old remnants of the restaurant.

Explore the spoiled nature of rural Wales as you try to find the forgotten remnants of a mysterious structure and find out what happened to the missing villagers in Hearth Village.

Inspired by 1980s science fiction horror movies and contemporary surrealist cinema, Chatting static The new audio-driven game offers a unique experience of the adventure story genre through dynamics and non-linear exploration.

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What do you think of this announcement? You want a port PlayStation 1 Questionable game?

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