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The fan company was ordered to pay $ 15 million

The fan company was ordered to pay $ 15 million

Nintendo and American Justice attacked that person not for his name. As head of the Canadian and Xecuter team, he was fined $ 15 million for hacking into several Nintendo consoles, including Switch, and distributing his findings on the Internet.

Nintendo vs Bowser: Strictly condemned “unconditional fan”

If this gentleman had been jailed against Gary Bowser, he would have valued Nintendo so much. The Japanese company actually brought several lawsuits against the person who stole the consoles and games, From which Change titles, Before distributing them on the Internet. These “.roms” files allow its customers to purchase switch games at a lower cost, while also providing cracked source software.

  • It is enough to set an example of justice. Anyone who describes himself as a “senior player and an unconditional fan” of video games and especially Nintendo, should pay. Nearly $ 15 million.

The fine is in two parts and costs $ 4.5 million. One second (pushed by Nintendo) before it cost him another 10 million, this amount was charged to him at the first trial! From what we understand about American justice, the two sums are intertwined.

The Xecuter group is disbanded, and the group of hackers is out of the woods

For his role as chairman of the Xecuter team, which specializes in fraudulent marketing of Nintendo pirated software and games, So Gary Bowser presided over the court. Since 2020, the band has been really proud of “Motcip”, which allows you to open the switch and play hundreds of games directly from the eShop via the USB-C port for free.

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His verdict is still pending and the prison has not been vacated (a judge has not ruled in this case), and Nintendo has demanded that all of this theft data be deleted. In addition, sites and domain names must be provided to the company.

  • The last blow to this fan, He should never start making Nintendo products again, not even Kamboi, and not mention the company name in public.

In short, we know that Nintendo is in trouble with the pirates, but it seems that the Japanese do not really like it. I ‘Switch emulationI ‘Game Boy emulation Or theGameCube Emulation Absolutely possible and freeBut the creators of these mods take real risk!