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The expected feature of WhatsApp is coming, but it is in Samsung

Now you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android. The creator of the app actually announced in a recent blog post that it describes how to send history from one mobile to another. We learn specifically what end-to-end encryption is The guarantee of safety is not always effective– Placed during handling.

The only downside, not the least: to use this new option, you need to have a Samsung device. Other brands (except Apple) are not affected, which risks being the envy of more than one. We still do not know when manufacturers like Xiaomi, Hawaii, Oppo or Fairphone will qualify, as Facebook has not announced any specific timetable to the media in this regard.

Some requirements

WhatsApp explains that in order to transfer its conversations from One UI to iPhone, it needs to be installed first The free Samsung Smart Switch mobile application can be found here on the Google Play Store lower in its version. What’s more, not everyone who doesn’t have an adapter can perform the function from USB-C male to lightning cable.

On the account page, users should not have changed their personal phone number. It is actually integrated with every identifier, which significantly reduces the experience of internet users Use WhatsApp freely

Most data are compatible

Import of transactions (See the full tutorial) About:

  • Text
  • Emojis
  • Metadata such as reception time
  • Images
  • Audio News
  • Videos

On the other hand, peer-to-peer payment is not on this list. The same goes for the call process. WhatsApp states that Android 10 needs an update, while a limited number of mobiles are not yet entitled to it for memory or budget reasons. If the exchange does not start as expected, the author calls to specify These FAQs describe several common bug fixes.

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