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The earth is spinning fast, will it take a second to jump?

The earth is spinning fast, will it take a second to jump?

What if we told you that 2020 seemed less durable than expected, even though it seemed to us? Because Terra He has Increased rotational speed Around its axis. This was announced by the complex timing instruments of the IES (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service) in Paris. The difference is not appreciated in any other way, it is size A few milliseconds, Which would be sufficient to undermine certain systems in terms of accurate and precise timing.

2020 seemed infinite to us, but it lasted less and less

Must be responsible for the operation of many factors: events in depth, air and sea currents, some significant changes in atmospheric pressure. In just twelve months they were well recorded 28 days of the shortest period in the last half century. The change in 2020 compared to the past has slowed down in recent decades, while in this case it has increased.

If this is to happen again in the newly opened 2021, the scientific community may decide to move back to where it was called Leap second. Introduced in the early 1970s, it has been added 27 times in total in less than 50 years. Sync clocks To the rotational motion of the planet, thus avoiding the risk of conflicts associated with communication systems.

In the past it has already proven itself as the introduction of the so-called Leap second can do Without specific problems: No computer style apocalypse Millennium error. We will have to wait for that January 19, 3001.

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