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Unusual in Times Splitter 2: Home: A full 4K port hidden in Revolution, but forgot the code to access it

Unusual in Times Splitter 2: Home: A full 4K port hidden in Revolution, but forgot the code to access it

Admit it, Home: Revolution, Posted in 2016 Thank you Dumbster Studios Was Very potty, And soon forgotten by the players. However, he is remaking this week’s news with astonishing information. By responding a Tweet Asks developers to describe the best Easter egg Matt Phillips, they are always hidden in a game Leading programmer Surely Rust, But in Dumbster At the time Home: Revolution, He revealed that he did not hide more or lessThe full and executable 4K port of Times Splitter 2 on this topic. Basically, an arcade machine already allowed access to the first two levels without special manipulation, but what was surprising The whole experience is really accessible thanks to the secret codes.

Matt Phillips was actually hired Free intensive design In 2002, he therefore took part in the creation of this FPS Worship: He wanted to delight and delight the fans with this last experience Interface. Problem, access to the whole Times Splitters2, So we had to go back Special key combinations, and the developer even said he forgot about themThis is it!

The unlock code is lost over time, and the notebook I wrote it on is no longer there. Once leaked in a descart conversation I gave a code to a friend who was called a liar and his account was blocked ah ah.

The end of the story? Not really, because I was fascinated by this story and would love to test this HD version Times Splitters2, The community began to act quickly to unravel this mystery. Lance McDonald thus began again Home: Revolution Locate the arcade machine and access the first 2 levels in it as a platform, which are then added to the section Extra From the main menu. And With the help of other players and a bit of reverse engineering, he discovered key combinations Open different modes and as yet unknown features. They should be included after the introductory cinema is over and the bonus experience starts with a game.

  • Story format : LT + Up, LT + Up, Down, LT + Right, RT + Left, RT + B, LT + Y, LT + Y, RT + X, LT + A
  • Mode Arcade : LT + RT + Left, LT + RT + Down, LT + RT + Left, LT + RT + B, RT + Left, LT + RT + Left, LT + RT + Down, LT + RT + Y, RT + X , LT + A.
  • Challenge mode : RT + B, LT + RT + Gauche, LT + RT + B, LT + RT + Bas, LT + Droite, LT + Haut, LT + Y, LT + RT + A, RT + X, LT + A
  • I do not know : LT + RT + Bas, LT + RT + Gauche, LT + RT + A, RT + B, RT + Gauche, LT + Y, LT + Y, LT + RT + V, RT + X, LT + A
  • I do not know : LT + B, RT + X, LT + Left, LT + Right, LT + Up, LT + RT + Down
  • Incon (cheat codes?) : LT + RT + Bas, LT + RT + Gauche, LT + RT + Y, LT + Droite, B + RT, Y + LT, LT + RT + B, LT + RT + Bas, RT + X, LT + A

On the other hand many warnings: There is no storage in the program, and you must enter codes every time you restart Home: Revolution. Although this version is slightly optimized and can run up to 4K, it is not perfect and suffers from a number of technical glitches, but for fans and enthusiasts, it deserves to be minimal. If you have Home: Revolution But do not want to do this or do it again to access this Easter egg, Has created a download backup for direct access by a user Times Splitters2. It is available 79 at 11.79

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