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The director of Ghost of Sushima's cut will be released on PS5 and PS4 on August 20th

The director of Ghost of Sushima’s cut will be released on PS5 and PS4 on August 20th

The rumor is true: before setting foot anywhere else, Jin Chokai will end up on the neighboring island of Izhi, as part of a new side story. Iki, who, like Sushima, was invaded by the Mongol army, will be the scene of this extension, which will see Jin haunted by strong memories of his past. This chapter will naturally offer a new story, new characters and new contexts, but Jin and his horse will have to choose new armor, new mini-games, new techniques, new enemies and, most importantly, new animal species. Collectors can also hunt for specific trophies for this extension.

Extension available on Sushima Director’s Cut Ghost On both the PS5 and PS4, but the experience on the new generation console promises to be very interesting. With support for DualSense controller, 3D audio and greatly enhanced load times, the game runs on 4K while targeting 60 frames per second. This is valid for both the main adventure and the Iki extension, not to mention the co-op mode Ghost of Sushima: Legends.

We & # 39; ve heard your comments about the lack of lip sync in Japanese in the original version of Ghost of Sushima, and we worked hard to fix it in this new version. Thanks to the PS5’s ability to deliver cutskins in real time, Ikea Katzkins Island on the Ghost of Sushima and PS5 will now provide lip-sync to Japanese voices“, We are told.

On the edge of the publication Sushima Director’s Cut Ghost, The owners of the current game will be entitled to a free update that offers some new features requested by the players on the same day, i.e. new options in photo mode, new access options to configure controls and target option for battle. Sushima’s Ghost: Legends mode will not be violated, especially if it is claimed in a new mode, which will be detailed in the next sermon.