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The dinosaurs were not already in great condition when a meteorite hit Earth

The dinosaurs were not already in great condition when a meteorite hit Earth

When a meteorite struck Earth 65 million years ago, it destroyed its rule Dinosaurs, These large reptiles were already in poor condition. For 10 million years, they have already collapsed. This is the result
A study, Published in the magazine on Tuesday Nature Communications, Led by Fabian Condamine, a CNRS researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences
Montpellier (Herald).

Particularly valuable results for those interested in dinosaurs: Paleontologists are battling whether their extinction occurred suddenly, or only the 12km2 meteorite “Coupe de Grace”, the researcher notes. Fabian condomine leaned to a second hypothesis.

Fall temperature

“Their decline is due to major changes in the environment, including the fall in temperature during the Cretaceous,” he underlines. We would have lost at least 7 C. If these organisms are unable to produce their own body heat and need higher temperatures to feed, move or reproduce, this climate change will be catastrophic. “This drop in temperature is associated with an increase in the extinction of dinosaurs,” Fabian Condamine continues.

To make matters worse, the first extinction is first and foremost about plant species, which leads to imbalances in ecosystems. And, in particular, the gradual extinction of the evil carnivores, they found less vegetation to eat. “If we make an analogy with the African plains today, for example, all plant species, giraffes, elephants, zebras, wild beasts or galaxies are highly structured for the entire ecosystem,” explains the Montpellier researcher. Because all hunters depend on them. But parasites, and plants. Without elephants, there would no longer be the same plants. “

“A lesson” for the “deteriorating environment” man

To achieve these results, an international team led by Fabian Condomine studied the evolution of six large families of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period, including the famous tyrannosaurs, trichotillomania, and hydrosores. Researchers have been amassing data from fossils for many years and estimating the evolution of each organism over thousands of years.

As for the Fabian condom, this study demonstrates that it is “an excellent example of a high-dominance group” that is gradually declining in the face of external obstacles. “We can compare it to other dominant groups,” says the researcher. I especially think of certain groups of sharks that are on the verge of extinction today. And to man? “This is a lesson for us, and that’s for sure,” he notes. Our environment is deteriorating. Speaking of climate, and more. “

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