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The deficit will last until 2023, Toshiba reveals

The deficit will last until 2023, Toshiba reveals

After about ten months, one is still hard to find PlayStation 5 Or Xbox Series X. The shortage of semiconductors makes the purchase of chips and consequently the manufacture of consoles and many other technological devices more difficult.

Reports coming to us for several months now are not encouraging It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The last big company to come out Toshiba, Which produces Power control chips Working in many industries, from consumer electronics to automobiles: During a recent chat with Bloomberg, Takeshi Kamebuchi – Director Head of a unit dealing with semiconductors – said “There will be chip purchases At least until September next year, அதுவா “In some cases, some customers May not be restarted before 2023.

Kamebuchi acknowledged that Toshiba’s productive capabilities were also inadequate Due to the shortage of raw materials and high demand from customers. On paper, large companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can access other suppliers to find components for their consoles. Power-regulating chip Make this very difficult. “Console manufacturers are in high demand among customers and I truly apologize for their frustration as none of them are 100% satisfied.”, Ha Ticciardo Kamebuchi.

Toshiba director’s predictions are in line with Intel CEO’s predictions: According to Pat Gelsinger The chip shortage will last until 2023.

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