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The dark use of Facebook will suddenly disappear, possible solutions

Reports increase every minute (and more Our Facebook team) More and more people are magically reuniting No longer without the dark use of Facebook. whats going on? Let’s try to clarify.

The news is obviously worryingApplication Facebook for Android, Which has received a much-anticipated update in a few months (after a very long time) Dark mode, Oh Dark mode. This, if enabled, changes the light colors of the application to darker colors (for example, the background from white to dark gray) thus making it more convenient to scroll through boards and posts.

However, in today’s last hour, it seems that there are some users of the popular social network This function has magically disappearedThus bringing back light colors Without the opportunity to re-enable dark mode.

Currently Facebook It has not yet been communicated why this is happening or whether it is a problem that can be solved. But here’s what you can try to do in the meantime.

How To Try To Recover Dark Mode On Facebook

As explained in our in-depth study How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook, The process is very simple and just clicking and scrolling the menu in the upper right Settings and privacy, And then click Black background mode Select To implement Or “Use computer settings”.

However, it seems that this item is no longer available to many, so here are some attempts you can make:

  • Close the app, remove it from recent apps and reopen;
  • Exit the application and then log in;
  • Restart the smartphone;
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
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If none of these steps help you, unfortunately you have to be patient if Facebook comes up with a solution. In the meantime, you can use Facebook Lite There don’t seem to be problems instead.