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The Creative Director talks about the demo - the new trailer shows the history

The Creative Director talks about the demo – the new trailer shows the history

Within two weeks of the release of the “Adriders” demo, the authors of the official PlayStation blog talked to creative director Bardek Kimita about the successful launch of the trial version. He also discussed what improvements you can expect.

Kimita loved the crowd, but panicked when the servers were not measured fast. After this issue was resolved, he and his team watched as many Led Play and live streams as possible. In the end, he enjoys playing the demo with many. In fact, the demo was already there Downloaded by over two million users.

The purpose of the demo version is basically huge. A lot of players in the world of Enoch spent more than 20 hours. According to Kamita, their goal in developing it is to create “a game with almost infinite possibilities.” Writing development plays an important role in this. Therefore, the development team is happy about the positive feedback and hopes that the full version will be able to retain players for a long time.

Regarding the combination of shooter and roll-flaming game genre, Kimita announced that some players may come out with false expectations of the game. For example, shooters may ignore RPG dynamics, resulting in a compromised gaming experience. That is why there is a comprehensive tutorial in which all the elements of the game are discussed.

The gaming experience should be improved at the time of publication

Next, the creativity director went so far as to gain insight from the demo and whether these would be incorporated into the full version. He later noted that they have already received a lot of feedback. Developers primarily focus on disruptive features such as motion blur or a swinging camera. These should be corrected by release. As for startup difficulties, People Can Fly wants to be as open as possible.

A change has already been made in the robbery dynamics. More precisely described, the drop rate of popular products is adjusted. The developers wanted to give players incentives to successfully complete side trips as well.

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In the end, Kimita makes it clear that the demo version is only the “tip of the iceberg”. Regardless of what you like about the demo: there will be a lot more to it in the final version.

“Adiders” will be released on April 1 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC. In addition, an animated trailer showing the history of the authors has been released:

They are: PlayStation Blog

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