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Surgical Simulator 2: Access to all areas comes to Steam with an exclusive release bonus

Surgical Simulator 2: Access to all areas comes to Steam with an exclusive release bonus

Posa Studios’ Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas Launched on September 2 with a special offer for steam players. Anyone who adds Surgery Simulator 2: Get all the parts on their wishlist and buy them, free access to the following games from Posa Studio:

This limited time offer is available to all Steam players who purchase Surgical Simulator 2: Access all areas during the release period.

Bosa Studios has planned a special announcement for Operation Simulator 2: Access All Areas, which will take place on Thursday night at 8:00 pm during the UK time gaming live event Weekly auf Twitch Revealed.

This brand new version of the successful physics based surgery simulator includes all the upgrades and improvements of the past year. User-created maps, tweaks and updated writing patterns for the Posa Labs Medical Facility Group – i.e. Bob, Milo, Penny, Kamal and Heather are more beautiful than ever!

Operation Simulator 2: Access All parts will be released via Steam and the Windows Store on September 2, 2021.

More information is available Facebook, Twitter, Web light And Official website Find out

Über Operation Simulator 2: Access all parts

Bob’s life is in the hands of the players! It’s time to slip on your surgical gown, grab a nearby scalpel and enter the Posa Laps medical facility – a truly confusing scene awaits.

Emerging surgeons are taking the medical establishment’s cream de la cream in fast competition. There is exciting, bloody co-op games and a nerve-wracking propaganda system. Is there a creative mind among the players? Using the creation mode, players can create new levels themselves and design and publish multiplayer maps. From head transplant surgery and leg amputation to dance games and relay runs – the rules of the game in Posa labs are created by crazy, confusing and developing surgeons!

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