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This Nintendo GameCube actually hides a gaming system

A handyman emptied the GameCube and replaced its components with a gaming PC. Inside, you’ll find a GeForce GTX 1650 with 16GB of RAM and 2TB of SST. Some adaptations have been made on the back to add some attachments on the back. A small brush on the shell to give an incredible look. Presentations.

I do not know about you, but about me, ma GameCube sleeps quietly next to my Wii and my Nintendo 64 In a box in my cellar. The reason? My games run on this old console just as they do on my emulator. In fact, I’ve been involved in Baton Guidos, Eternal Arcadia, Tales of Symphony and Radiance’s Fire Emblem Path (yes, I’m a monomaniac) on my computer (I failed to do so). An imaginary GameCube mini This will not happen). Like all my games on PlayStation 1/2, Saturn or Dreamcast.

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What will the old console like GameCube do in 2021? It was a great idea for a Reddit user Turn the operating console into a PC. Simply. Opened the machine. He removed all the components. He also installed all the components of a computer capable of running games. Of course, the configuration could not be run Cyberpunk 2077 At 4K 120 FPS (at least not locally).

A gaming PC on GameCube skin

What is this configuration? Asus first signed a motherboard from a mini-PC. A processor is installed on this card Raison 5 4500 U. From AMD. Not too bad. We see it there too 16 Go to RAM In DTR4 format, a SSD Samsung D2D. This is perfect for providing an incentive overall. For the graphics area, there is no such thing as a small GeForce. Here it is a GTX1650.

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Since the console is equipped with ports for controllers, Handyman installed a control card to use them. On the back, some changes have been made to make certain ports public: USB 3.0 Type-A, Ethernet, TVI, HDMI, USB Type-C. The optical drive has been replaced by a fan (but the cover is still on). And complete, A small painting “Sakura” Used. Here is a good machine that is perfect for gaming… and retrocomming!

Source: Reddit